Engineered Plastic Solutions, Inc

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Custom Molded Parts
Our molding specialists will custom blend parts using only the highest performance polyurethanes. We will strive to achieve exact specifications, using the most cost effective manufacturing method.
Our Products
If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Industrial Assembly Fixtures
We can mold or build fixtures to help keep your production moving smoothly with the highest quality standards.  We will work together to decide the most functional solution within your budget.
We will coat your rolls with reliable and durable polyurethane blends to reach the specifications that fit your application.

Whether dispensing water, soap, sand, or other abrasives, we can supply you with a specialized blend to meet your application.
Let us handle any complex assembly or sub-assembly needs to boost efficiency for your plant.
Mold Building
We offer a design and consultation service for building molds that precisely match your specifications.
Surface Bonding
We are able to bond a multitude of different materials to urethane and metal.  This allows you to enhance surfaces with friction reducing, noise dampening, or abrasion resistant coverings.

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